Warranty Procedure

The product or products purchased by you from the site http://shop.ltbjeans.com “Site” under the property of Cak Textile Industry and Trade Inc. “Cak Textile/LTB” and which are subject to the complaint, purchased with the warranty certificate and returned to Cak Textile alleging that are damaged or broken, are examined by Cak Textile, and in case they have any manufacture based defect, their return will be accepted.

You are responsible from protecting with care the product after the product purchased by you is delivered to you. The  return of products with the damages resulting from not meeting your responsibility of protecting the products with care and the products received by you during the delivery with a torn, broken and smashed package, cannot accepted by Cak Textile within the scope of warranty procedure. Please read the distance sales contract before completing your online shopping.

75TL and above is valid on purchases

Delivery to Carrier in avr. 48 Hours